Lost but at rest.

It's how you know you

really got a home.

When you leave it

there's this feeling

you can't shake.

You just miss it.


This is The Fault in Our Fairytales.

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"I don’t think you understand what you’ve started, letting The Avengers loose on this world. They’re dangerous.”
― “They surely are. And the whole world knows it. Every world knows it.”
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  • japan ≠ korea ≠ china
  • pakistan is not in the middle east
  • most muslims aren’t arabs
  • geishas are not prostitutes
  • mexico is a very small part of latin america
  • there are 54 countries in africa
  • china has 56 different ethnic groups and none of them eat chop suey
  • singapore is not part of china
  • most singaporeans speak english as their first language, please don’t ask, “why is your English so good”

Please tag your Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers.


I’m going to be at my sister’s house next week kid sitting my nephews and won’t be able to see the movie until the weekend of the 8th.

I’m blacklisting:

  • gotg
  • guardians of the galaxy
  • gotg spoilers

I’ll keep an eye out for people’s personal spoiler tags and add them.

When I…

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he just became like 50% carrot

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people who are full of hate and negativity r exhausting to be around wtf go play with a dog

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why are bras and period products so fucking expensive okay this shit pisses me off, it’s not like i asked for boobs or for my vagina to destroy itself every month

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i’m crying (x)

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Well who’s it supposed to be?

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meds are driving me crazy. I can’t even walk without bumping into a wall.

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you know what saddens me

is the fact that Clark Gregg was at SDCC

and so were the cast of Avengers

but they were on different panels like

Clark used to belong there with the avengers

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Chris Hemsworth out in London with his kids and wife / 22.06.14

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When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


okay but the guy in blue gets up and hold onto the back of the red guys shirt like a small child or perhaps a duckling

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stop taking bucky’s metal arm away

stop taking charles’ wheelchair away

stop taking clint’s hearing aids away

disabled superheroes are important stop sucking please

I read this wrong and I was just picturing them all confused as to who keeps taking their stuff.

"Steve have you seen my arm anywhere?"

"Nope, sorry Bucky.  By the way, have you seen Clint’s hearing aids?  He hasn’t been able to hear a damn thing all day"